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Completed Project Synopsis
Records Management Policy, Classification Structure and Retention Schedule Development, Training Program Development and Delivery
Drafted a Corporate Records Management Policy statement for the organization wide use of information resources;
Developed a Records Classification and Retention Structure based on an inventory conducted by organization staff;
Provided ongoing assistance to identify the requirements for implementing the Classification Structure and establishing a Records Management program; and

Returned to develop and deliver a user “train the trainer” program for “super users” throughout the organization.


Business Continuity Plan Development

Created a Business Continuity Plan including the development of procedures and a table top test of the plan to ensure it’s completeness and applicability.

Needs Assessment, Merger Records Integration, Classification and Retention Schedule Development and Implementation
Conducted a needs assessment for six organizations being amalgamated and provided a report outlining the action required;
Developed a corporate wide classification and retention structure based on a corporate wide inventory of physical records;
Documented the structure and maintenance methodology in a procedures manual; and
Implemented the classification and retention structure in a number of pilot areas within the organization.

Records Management Program development, Records Management Software Selection and Implementation

Conducted an information management needs assessment
Developed a Records Classification and Retention Structure

Created selection criteria and managed the RPF process to purchase and implement an electronic records management application; and 

Provided ongoing training and assistance to identify the requirements for implementing the Classification Structure and establishing a Records Management program.
Procedures Writing

Developed detailed procedures to document existing and changing processes based on task outlines and notes provided by the client.

Workflow Redesign, Electronic Forms Application Development and Maintenance
Developed and implemented an electronic forms application to automate departmental processes.This included:

Documenting and refining existing workflow processes to streamline the function and reduce the number of forms used;

Developing the system specifications;

Coordinating the development of an electronic forms application using FormFlow to integrate 94 forms in a single application;

Designing electronic forms and templates for all required forms;

Preparing training documentation and user procedures;

Presenting end user training sessions;

Provided ongoing maintenance and support, as required, after the implementation of the integrated forms applications; and 

Completed subsequent phases to develop new, more complex modules to incorporate over 135 additional forms into the application.  

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"Information is a source of learning. But unless it is organized, processed, and available to the right people in a format for decision making, it is a burden, not a benefit."

William Pollard

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