Program Implementation Support

The information management program framework components developed are a conceptual model that define corporate expectations for information management. Staff cannot be expected to successfully implement the program without guidance, support and a clearly defined implementation plan. In many cases, organizations lack expert internal resources to execute this type of enterprise wide initiative.

InfoAccess Consulting Group provides a range of implementation support services to augment your internal resources and provide professional expertise to:

  • Liaise with and brief senior management to encourage commitment to and endorsement that information management principles apply to all information regardless of format or media and that staff is expected to comply with the approved policies and procedures
  • Develop implementation plans and project work plans
  • Develop communication plans and content
  • Deliver user training
  • Mentor and guide your organization’s information management practitioners as they acquire the skills and expertise to roll out the information management framework that has been developed
  • Manage project activities to ensure that completion milestones are met
  • Problem solve and provide guidance on an ad hoc basis